Drywood Termite Swarmers

Flying Termite Pictures

Flying Termite Pictures

Termite Control Companies often see tons of Flying Termites but rarely do we get the opportunity to share pictures of them with others. We are trying to get more and more flying termite pictures online to better educate homeowners on what they might actually be seeing. The biggest and most noticeable feature about a Flying Termite is that they do not have a pinched torso like an ant. instead they have this long fat body with long clear wings. You can see this clearly in the image below.

Drywood Termite Swarmers, Flying Termite Pictures

Most Homeowners see them every year

Often times during inspections homeowners tell us that they see these bugs every year around the same time and simply thought that they were ants. Its usually not until they see or sometimes find the extensive damage that they start to get curious as to what the flying insects really are. It’s in this moment they knew they should have called a Termite Control Yorba Linda or Termite Control Provider.

Drywood Termite Swarmers

Take a Close Look At These Flying Termite Pictures

These pictures when analyzed and the information retained could save your home thousands of dollars in expensive wood replacement from a general contractor. Each year homeowners spend billions of dollars in hard earned wages replacing damaged wood caused by drywood termites. Understanding what these guys look like and being proactive when seeing them can literally save you thousands of dollars in expenses.

Flying Termites Picture

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Termite Poo Falling From Fence

How To Find The Right Termite Company

Finding a termite company that’s right for you

Termites are a pest that can seriously undermine the structural integrity and value of your home. They begin their life as grubs, eating away at any wood they can find, until the mature into insects and fly to the next structure, where they lose their wings, breed and begin the cycle again. They can infest almost any wooden building and left unchecked, they can leave you with a huge repair bill! It’s best to nip termite damage in the bud, but how do you find a good, local termite exterminator?

How to find the right termite company

Firstly, you have to ask yourself what method of termite extermination you want to use. Getting rid of termites conjures images of huge tents over the house & having to spend a few days to a week in a hotel while your home is being fumigated. But not anymore! Local Orange Oil termite exterminators can get your home termite free, without harmful toxic chemicals or the huge inconvenience of having to leave your house! Finding a reputable local Orange Oil termite exterminator can be such a headache. Sorting through all the listings online tells you who’s available and where they are, but not what kind of job they do. Asking friends or your neighborhood association can be helpful, if they happen to know of any reliable termite exterminators. If not, you’re back where you started from trying to sort out the good exterminators from the bad ones.

Highest Rated Termite Company Yelp
People Love Us On Yelp

Yelp and The Online Review World

Luckily there are internet resources to help you get the inside track on quality local Orange Oil pest control providers right at your fingertips! Yelp.com was started as a convenient way for people to rate and review local businesses of all kinds, including termite exterminators. Real people leave reviews of their real world experiences with actual local companies, so you won’t have any surprises when you hire an exterminator for your home. You can read in-depth reports of actual customer experiences on Yelp’s easy to navigate site that include a 5 star review system so you can quickly weed out the less professional exterminators without any hassle at all. Yelp allows it’s reviewers to leave photos as well, so you can see in detail exactly what kind of a job you can expect and you can even bookmark various exterminators you are considering for easy reference later on. Yelp also provides the address, phone number, e-mail and contact information of each business reviewed so there’s no searching for a phone number when you are ready to call. Yelp also has each business location on Google maps so you will have no trouble finding the local termite exterminator nearest to your home. It couldn’t be any easier! Once you find your ideal termite exterminator through Yelp, you can join in the Yelp community and add your own review of the service you received and spread the word for the next homeowners needing help.

While it’s true that termites and the damage they cause to the structure of your home may be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, getting rid of them doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the internet and helpful sites like Yelp and the Yelp community, you have all the power you need! You’ll find exactly the help you want to get a professional termite exterminator who fits your individual situation and saves the value of your home from unwanted termite damage.


Termite Control

Termite Control In Orange County

I used this pest control company to get rid of termites in a rental
I recently ended up purchasing a place that I was planning on using as a rental, and so I began the process of fixing it up. One thing that I quickly discovered was that the home seemed to have an infestation of termites, and I knew that I would not be able to rent it out with them still there. In addition, I knew that the termites were a serious risk to the home, and I simply had to get rid of them before I would be ok with the house.

Enter The Termite Control Home Nightmare

I had no idea about how to get rid of termites, and so I ended up spending a huge amount of time reading about the little monsters. I learned that they are a super difficult thing to get rid of, and I was also shocked by the amount of damage that they can cause to a home. I also learned that I probably could not get rid of them on my own, and that my efforts would probably only help to slow down the spread of them.

I knew that I was going to have to hire a professional, and so I decided to hire a company that does pest control Orange County. I was able to talk with them about the services they offer, and they explained to me how the process of getting rid of termites usually goes. I compared their description to what I had researched, and I found that it was the right thing to do. I then arranged for them to come and take a look at the house. They were able to show up at a time when I would be working around the home, and they were able to do an inspection very quickly. They confirmed that the termites were the breed that I thought they were, and they then arranged for the house to be treated for termites.

Termite Control

This company was able to kill the termites in my house by spraying into all of the areas that they lived. They were even able to drill small holes in the wall in order to get rid of the termites that were hidden underneath the plaster. This had the effect of killing the termites, and the presence of the pesticide meant that the chemicals would be able to kill the termites for a long time. I had learned that many termite colonies have the actual queen in a different part than where the termites tend to forage. These exterminators were able to use a kind of pesticide that would kill the queens as they carried materials back to the queen. This termite service also sprayed around the base of the home’s foundation. This work meant that fewer termites would be able to make their way back into the home.

Orange County

This pest control company was also able to provide me with some information on how to prevent more insects from being able to come into the house. This included things like recommending that I clean up the area in order to get rid of any piles of wood and leaves. They were also able to show me a couple of parts of the house that I could clean up in order to avoid giving the termites exposed wood that they could use to establish a new colony.

Fat Frog loving Life

Grossed Out By Frogs

Grossed Out
“He won’t hurt you.” I hear these words each time someone discovers my intense fear of frogs. The unease is not limited to frogs; it includes toads, salamanders, and newts. Basically, I don’t like amphibians, nor am I completely comfortable with creatures of the class Reptilia.

On several occasions, I’ve attempted to explain that my phobia is not based on an expectation of harmful effects. My reasoning instinct tells me that a frog is not going to bite or scratch me. His body does not secrete poisonous venom nor possess the ability to squeeze the breath out of me. I am simply afraid that the horrid critter will “gross me out”. This confession usually results in boisterous laughter from my sympathizers.

Ribbit Ribbit

Nevertheless, I have trained my husband and children to politely catch the little croakers whenever they find a way into our home and to place them outside the door discreetly. I ignore my family’s suppressed snickers during the process. One summer day while we were relaxing on the back porch, I arose to take a quick trip to the bathroom. After I had locked the door and partially disrobed, I turned to take a seat and noticed a large, pale lump under the toilet rim. It resembled a clump of wet paper towels like the ones with which I had cleaned the bathroom earlier. As I took a closer look, my body froze to a halt. From the bowl, a ghastly pair of eyes glared back at me with dominion.

My short visit to the restroom became a fleeting retreat as I stumbled for the door and raced down the hall with my shorts hanging from my knees. My piercing shrieks alerted the others to come rushing to my rescue. Collectively, they burst into hilarity when they discovered the giant frog inside the toilet. As the laughter subsided and Jim attempted to remove our hideous visitor from his spot under the rim, the frog leaped from the toilet, hit the wall, and adhered to the wallpaper with the suction cups on his feet. Jim pulled and tugged with great vigor, but the strong-willed amphibian held his ground.

I don’t know what happened next. I ran to the back porch and hid for quite some time, fearing that they would bring the hideous thing near me. Once the commotion inside the house had eased off, I ventured back into our living room to see if the frog was gone. I didn’t need details. I asked a simple “yes” or “no” question: was my nemesis gone? Jim patiently explained that our unwanted house guest had been an “African…something” and had left our residence. My hero had delivered me from being “grossed out”.

A few days later, a photograph appeared on our refrigerator door. The same horrid eyes were peering at me once again, this time with long, dangly legs and a triumphant facial expression. From the other side of the kitchen, another grinning face caught my eye. Jim had chosen the most conspicuous corner of the refrigerator to hang a picture of my “friend” so he could tell the story over and over again. And he does.

Frog eyes

Termites Can Infest Living Trees

Controlling Termites In Trees

Controlling Termites in Trees Can Be Tough

Termite companies all over the nation have received this call before. It poses a difficult answer to a seemingly easy question. You see, here in California the pest control and termite control industry in dominated by the department of pesticide regulation (DPR) which explicitly states that you cannot use termiticides on trees and other living organisms like shrubs, bushes, plants etc. The infested tree or plant is normally near the house or primary structure which can be troublesome as the insects can swarm every year attacking the main structure and buildings.

What do termites in trees actually look like?

What do I do about Termites in Trees?

Termites in Trees is a natural occurring thing that helps the environment recycle itself. The termites are there for a reason and while I would normally advocate leaving nature alone, the fact that this infested tree could be right next to your home is what complicates things. When you are placed in this position there is not alot that you can do other than tear the tree out completely including the stump. If you leave the stump , subterranean termites will move in to eat whats left of the tree. Once, there subterranean termites will just move right to your house.

Termite Control Techniques For Trees

1. Tear it Down Ground the Stump

2. Use chemicals found at home depot to inject into the tree

3. Light the son of a bitch on fire and watch it burn.

4. Call me and I will light it on fire and watch it burn.


Facts About Termite Fumigation

Facts about Termite Fumigation

Fumigation also known as tenting, is a method of pest control that completely gets rid of pests within the area being fumigated.

The pests are eradicated with the use of pesticides in gas form. Methyl bromide used to be the most widely used pesticide in tenting but has since been restricted because of its environmental damage. Nowadays there are several fumigants that can be used including formaldehyde, methyl isocyanate and hydrogen cyanide.

Steps of Fumigation

The structure is either sealed with plastic, tape or other materials or the entire structure is tented with the use of nylon tarps. See pic above. The length of fumigation or tenting can vary from a couple hours to a week; depending on the pest problem and the size of the structure. Is Fumigation Safe for me and my neighbors to be around

It’s important to remember that the pesticides used to kill the termites can also kill or poison other living things. All people, pets (fish included), plants, etc… are to be removed. Also, it’s a good idea to remove or completely seal anything that will eventually be ingested (pills too!).

Proper precautions are taken when it comes to fumigation. For instance, the re-entry date, time and other information will posted on the house when the structure is safe to re-enter. But, if headaches, nausea or any other symptoms appear after re-entering the structure, leave immediately and contact a doctor or poison control.

Termite Companies Truck
Termite Companies Truck

For more in depth information about fumigation, view California’s Structural Pest Control Board’s FAQ about fumigation.

What Should You Be Doing With Your Time

Fumigation is an aggressive method of pest control but it’s not flawless. Since the pesticide used is in gas form, there is no poison left behind so the termites or other pests can return. Also, the deadly dosage of pesticide for one pest may not be enough to kill another pest.

If fumigation is performed correctly, the target pest should be eradicated.

If you are looking for Termite Control Companies in Los Angeles and Orange County

If your thinking about fumigating your home for Rat exterminator service

Free Termite Inspection In Orange County California

Weird Weather and Bugs

Wierd Weather and Bugs

It always seems to be that termite companies like Kilter Termite and Pest Control always seem to have call volumes increase when the weather gets weird. Its like the bugs sense that the weather is either changing or going through changes and they begin their cycle. Just this week we had reports of swarming termites in Los Angeles areas. It seems that the bugs are affected by hyper localized weather. If the weather is changing from 5 mile radius to 5 mile radius the bugs outside these lines will be less inclined to act the same way the bugs within those conditions.

Whats Weird Weather

When the weather in location XXX is sunny and bright 80Degrees California weather then having a stark contrasting thunderstorm and rain downpour 15miles away. This is like Texas weather weird it has to do something with climate change I am sure. The extremes are causing the bugs to swarm randomly depending on the conditions and their traditional seasons. Subterranean Swarmer report of 1 house but no one else in December. Weird Weather

Termite Companies In Orange County California

Termite Companies every actually need to start documenting these wierd weather trends so that termites swarming are charted for potential patterns in areas, as maybe the hyper localized extreme weather might have a pattern. Atleast you might be able to predict the bugs and there patterns.Termite Companies In Orange County California are usually not affected by this extreme weather and usually the bugs follow this predictable pattern. It would be interesting to see if Termite Control Companies in Orange County start to see heavier calls through out the entire year just not seasonally.

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Termite Companies In Orange County Experiencing Weird Weather

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