Termites Can Infest Living Trees

Controlling Termites In Trees

Controlling Termites in Trees Can Be Tough

Termite companies all over the nation have received this call before. It poses a difficult answer to a seemingly easy question. You see, here in California the pest control and termite control industry in dominated by the department of pesticide regulation (DPR) which explicitly states that you cannot use termiticides on trees and other living organisms like shrubs, bushes, plants etc. The infested tree or plant is normally near the house or primary structure which can be troublesome as the insects can swarm every year attacking the main structure and buildings.

What do termites in trees actually look like?

What do I do about Termites in Trees?

Termites in Trees is a natural occurring thing that helps the environment recycle itself. The termites are there for a reason and while I would normally advocate leaving nature alone, the fact that this infested tree could be right next to your home is what complicates things. When you are placed in this position there is not alot that you can do other than tear the tree out completely including the stump. If you leave the stump , subterranean termites will move in to eat whats left of the tree. Once, there subterranean termites will just move right to your house.

Termite Control Techniques For Trees

1. Tear it Down Ground the Stump

2. Use chemicals found at home depot to inject into the tree

3. Light the son of a bitch on fire and watch it burn.

4. Call me and I will light it on fire and watch it burn.

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