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Rats and Mice can come from Shrubbery or Trees but are most likely coming to your backyard from fruit or vegetables you might be growing or neighbors might have. Rats and Mice smell other rats and mice and when one finds your home many will soon follow. It is important that if you discover rats in your garden you trap, kill or call and exterminator before the breeding happens or others follow.

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Rats have a nasty habit of chewing on wires and rafters and well just about anything , if you get unlucky and have butt head rats who chew your wires you may be at risk of fire. 20% of all unknown house fires are believed to be caused by rats chewing the wires and then bursting into flames lighting the urine and rat feces on fire with the insulation.

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Mice are especially troublesome because they are smaller and able to get in more easily to the home. They’re urine and poop isn’t quite as bad in odor and size but is still pretty gross and funky. These little guys are quite the nuisance often living with you for many months unknown getting more and more comfortable with you and your family. They will pick up on your patterns and live around you.

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Los Angeles was recently reported to have more rats per square mile than New York. Thats pretty gross. I bet New York doesn’t have whackos feeding the rats letting them breed and shelter inside their homes like we do either. I am not making this up channel 7 here Los Angeles Local had a report in June of a man feeding the rats.

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