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Weird Weather and Bugs

Wierd Weather and Bugs

It always seems to be that termite companies like Kilter Termite and Pest Control always seem to have call volumes increase when the weather gets weird. Its like the bugs sense that the weather is either changing or going through changes and they begin their cycle. Just this week we had reports of swarming termites in Los Angeles areas. It seems that the bugs are affected by hyper localized weather. If the weather is changing from 5 mile radius to 5 mile radius the bugs outside these lines will be less inclined to act the same way the bugs within those conditions.

Whats Weird Weather

When the weather in location XXX is sunny and bright 80Degrees California weather then having a stark contrasting thunderstorm and rain downpour 15miles away. This is like Texas weather weird it has to do something with climate change I am sure. The extremes are causing the bugs to swarm randomly depending on the conditions and their traditional seasons. Subterranean Swarmer report of 1 house but no one else in December. Weird Weather

Termite Companies In Orange County California

Termite Companies every actually need to start documenting these wierd weather trends so that termites swarming are charted for potential patterns in areas, as maybe the hyper localized extreme weather might have a pattern. Atleast you might be able to predict the bugs and there patterns.Termite Companies In Orange County California are usually not affected by this extreme weather and usually the bugs follow this predictable pattern. It would be interesting to see if Termite Control Companies in Orange County start to see heavier calls through out the entire year just not seasonally.

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Termite Companies In Orange County Experiencing Weird Weather

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